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Olver Chapman Give Thanks

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Oliver Chapman

Singer-songwriter OLIVER CHAPMAN, former leader of the now 
defunct singing group Wildfire is at a high point again. Born in 
Trinidad West Indies, now residing in the U.S., the dapper 
singer-songwriter is for sure at the top of his game. 
This latest release, Give Thanks, is the true reflection
of the man. It contains four songs previously released, 
and eight new tracks, all written by Oliver Chapman, with 
musical arrangements by American arranger, 
James Mironchik.

Oliver and James met in 1989, when a friend took Oliver to 
James’ studio in downtown Manhattan, but it was not until 
much later that Oliver and James decided to record this album,
and so they did.

Oliver has written hit songs for Wildfire and other artists, such as
“Junior Byron”, “Mavis John”, “Peter Britto”, as well as himself when
he began his solo career. In 1980, Oliver was the recipient of a gold
record, awarded to him for excellence in songwriting by the president
of Sure Shot Productions. That song is “Say A Little Prayer”, which he
wrote for Wildfire. Another high point in Oliver’s career came in 1985
when he released three songs, performed by 3 different artists including
himself. “Cryin’s Easy”, “Tanty Say”, and “Sunday Morning” stormed
onto the local charts holding positions #1,2, and 3, with “Cryin’s Easy”
staying on the charts for 20 weeks.

Oliver has remained loyal to what he believes in, and this album
provides you with the opportunity to have a good look at the man
and his works.

He is thankful to Mr. James Mironchik, his arranger and producer,
whom without, this album would have been hard pressed to release.
He has given thanks to all of his fans and friends for their support,
and to his family who has stuck it out with him through all those
rough times, and last but not least he says thanks to the almighty
God for having survived forty years in the business, and
still going strong.

               —Jon Geller